Mohammed Alani is known for his refreshing and innovating pieces of art, continuously re-inventing himself and further expanding the vast, unique and endlessly diverse collection he has created over the years. The constant stylistic transformations make it impossible to confine his work to a single art movement. His oeuvre contains a mix of Body Art, Junk Art, Assemblage, Installation Art, Conceptual Art, Pop Art, Performance Art, Video Art and many more. His seemingly simple works of art convey powerful ideas, while playing with the natural characteristics of the materials he uses . His creations arouse feelings of joy, vitality and happiness, yet, while telling his audience a seemingly simple story, his art can evoke many different impressions, offering its viewer the opportunity to dive into the deeper philosophical meanings behind it. His distinctive personal style makes Mohammed Alani a pioneer giving us a sneak peak into the future of modern art.

Dr. Ahmed Khlaif Mankhi